They have two parts.

A strong and resistant board composed of a reinforced "cement". This "cement" is composed of a salt, called Epsom Salt, which gives it far superior advantages over traditional materials.

The other part is a 100% recycled high hardness XPS, not the usual construction material. The salt board can be placed on one or both sides, depending on the use for which the panel is needed.

We have two sizes, 3000 mm x 1200 mm, and 2600 mm x 1200 mm. They can be placed vertically or horizontally, as they maintain their properties regardless of their position.

No, it is not possible. Moreover, their maximum size is also calculated according to the maximum weight that workers can carry on the basis of occupational risk legislation.

Of course, they cut perfectly, with a clean cut. We recommend a circular saw, although a jigsaw, radial saw, drill with drill bit, crown cutter, etc. can be used. We recommend a Widia disc. The wood disc is also valid, although it blunts at a higher speed, due to the ceramic nature of the material.

We have single-sided panels, double-sided panels and our PF tongue and groove panel.

In addition, any of them can come with the TABIHAUS® Magnetic option.

Yes, millimetre by millimetre to size.

The Epsom salt board has a thickness of 8 mm, and we increase the thickness of the XPS insulation to the millimetre, from 14 mm to whatever is required.

In the thermal envelope, the thickness will be determined by the transmittance ordered by the Project Management.

In floor slabs, it will be determined by the bending stress required depending on the intended use and the distances between support profiles.

The exception in thickness is our tongue and groove panel, PF, which has a fixed thickness of 66 mm.

Until you hold them in your hand it cannot be explained. But the key is not the weight, but the lightness/strength ratio. We do not recommend you punch the panel...

Do you want to lose 3 hours and 26 minutes of your life? Then watch the following video. With a blowtorch, with a blue flame of 1430 ºC, at a single point, without any combustion. But it is not only non-combustible, but with no smoke generation and no incandescent particles.

Why does it "only" last 3 hours and 26 minutes? Because the gas in the bottle has run out!!!!

Due to the two formats, the three types of panels, the Magnetic option and the thickness to measure, we do not have a price table.

Contact us and you will get a quote within 24 hours.

It depends on the surface where the TABIHAUS® panel is to be installed.

If it is to be installed on a continuous surface, single-sided panel.

If it is to be installed on a profile, double-sided panel (the exception here is the pitched roof).

As a general summary we can say:

Single-sided panel: Façades, floors and pitched roofs.

Double-sided panel: Floors and flat roofs.

By frontal screwing and chemical gluing with a silicone gun.

In other words, chemical gluing and mechanical fixing. A simple and effective installation.

Of course, we supply everything you need to install our panels. The panel itself, the screws and the polymer.

Of course, your Project Management will have access to all documentation, certificates, and laboratory tests carried out in laboratories approved by the ministry.

You have your own programme for studying your projects. You will also find approved certificates, BIM implementation, dwg plans and project preparation aids.

Please note that this area is reserved for architectural and engineering firms.

No, we are a manufacturer of a building system. We work with architectural studios and construction companies.

Contact us and we will advise you but remember that you will need an architectural firm and a construction company to carry out the work. If you wish, we can recommend professionals in your area who have experience with our system.

TABIHAUS® is a construction system that adapts to any type of building. Concrete, steel structure, Steel Frame, wooden structure, etc.

See our section of completed projects.

No. TABIHAUS® is a system valid for any type of building, whether it is prefabricated in an industrial building or installed on site. We have works executed in both systems.

Send us your project in IFC or CAD.

Our architecture and engineering department will present you with a personalised study, analysing the most efficient way to install TABIHAUS®, while fully complying with the requirements of building regulations.

With the project sent to your architectural office, we will tell you exactly what material you will need. TABIHAUS® is the end of budget deviations.

If you do not have an architectural office, we can recommend offices with experience in the TABIHAUS® system.

Not in the company's staff, but more and more construction companies are approved for the correct installation of the TABIHAUS® System.

Contact us and we will offer you approved installers in your area.

We will give you free training, in our factory or at your premises. And you will be part of our network of approved installers.

Of course, it is one of the basics of the system. But be careful, sometimes too easy makes mistakes. There are 4 key points in the system that must be checked and executed correctly.

It is an ideal material for transport. Firstly because of its flatness and secondly because of its weight.

We completely fill a lorry with up to 3200 m^2, without reaching the maximum authorised load.

No, we supply from a single panel. Of course, there is a shipping cost, which we will inform you about in the quotation.

Any type of finish, whether it is paint, mortar, ceramic or stone cladding, or ventilated façade.

TABIHAUS® is the primary wall of the building, on which any type of finish can be installed, even a garden façade.

It is a Euroclass A1, s1, d0 material, so height is not a problem for TABIHAUS®.

Any type of floor, whether vinyl, parquet, ceramic, marble, etc. It has a very high adhesion to mortars and glues.

Whatever you want, flat or pitched, walkable or not. You can screw on aerials, solar panels, profiles for the installation of roof tiles, etc.

Yes, any technique can be used. It can be bituminous -it can withstand the blowtorch-, EPDM strip, Epoxy paint, waterproof membrane, etc.

Of course! TABIHAUS® will not only provide fire resistance, but also acoustic and thermal insulation, so lacking in this type of building. With TABIHAUS®, you will save on the energy consumption of your industrial building.

In addition, it allows the installation of the pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical systems that the property needs to carry out its activity.

Another great advantage of TABIHAUS® is that they are made of a salt, and therefore have zero bacterial life growth. It is impossible for life to survive on salt.

It is also an ideal material against insect attack, such as mites or termites, and against rodents.


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