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For the second consecutive year TABIHAUS has been present at REBUILD.


In this edition of REBUILD we wanted to show a wide range of finishes (paint, acrylic mortar, ceramic finishes, wood...) demonstrating the versatility that the TABIHAUS system can offer on all types of supports, wood construction, Steel Frame , Concrete structure...


At the same time, we wanted to show the different uses that we can make of the system throughout the building, exterior finish on facades, floors, roofs, interior partitions... all of them designed for a sustainable, fast and totally dry construction, complying with the Code building technician.



For yet another year we would like to thank our supplier URSA for their presence at our stand throughout the fair.


And, of course, how could it be otherwise, we want to make a special mention to all the visitors who came to our stand and thank them for the spectacular welcome they gave us.


Thank you very much for everything and see you next year.

Do not hesitate to request more information at:


Las Norias Industrial Estate,
19-A, 50450
Muel (Zaragoza - Spain)