TABIHAUS®  has been present at Rebuild once again this year. During this edition we have had the opportunity to present our INDECO® system in its two versions:

  • INDECO® lime mortar system
  • INDECO® ceramic system

In our quest to provide constructive solutions to our customers, last month we launched the INDECO® System on the market, which has been developed together with RODACAL BEYEM, a benchmark company in terms of construction products.

In the same line we present the INDECO® Ceramic System which is a collaboration between TABIHAUS®, RODACAL BEYEM and PERONDA GROUP, demonstrating that synergies between leading companies in the sector can be carried out and lead to excellent results for the end customer and the construction company.

We were able to show the versatility of the finishes that we can carry out in terms of lime mortar rendering, which together with TABIHAUS® gives shape to the most industrialised ETICS system on the market. The samples we took to IFEMA were made entirely in our facilities in Muel (Zaragoza), demonstrating that the system is ideal for industrialised construction.

With the models we wanted to demonstrate the different options that we can offer with TABIHAUS®, being able to use as a base support any construction element (brick, concrete…) on this occasion it was with wood to which we plastered the lime mortar in two different colours and steel (Steel Frame) to which we applied adhesive cement and the PERONDA GROUP porcelain tile.

Once again, this year we would like to thank the more than 300 attendees of REBUILD for taking the time to visit our stand.