The ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) is a method of thermal insulation for buildings that consists of the application of insulation on the exterior of façades. This system is used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and provide better thermal and acoustic comfort.

ETICS is composed of several elements that are subsequently installed on the building site. These elements include insulation boards, cladding layers, and fixing systems. The insulation panels are generally composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) or mineral wool.

First, the insulating material is laid by means of a bonding mortar and mechanical fixing. Once this insulation has been installed, it is hardened by applying a layer of mortar, in which a mesh is embedded and the reinforcement profiles for openings and corners are added.

After at least 24 hours, apply a second layer of mortar and wait again for 24 hours.

Once dry, a primer or bonding primer is applied to prepare the substrate and give it good adhesion. The drying time of this primer is at least 48 hours, respecting the manufacturer’s instructions.

After 48 hours, an acrylic paint is applied to give the desired colour.


TABIHAUS® manufactures prefabricated sandwich panels composed of Epsom salt and 100% recycled XPS that can be used in any area of the building (roofs, façades, floors, slabs, interior partition walls, etc.). In addition to offering 100% dry construction, they also provide magnificent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thanks to this insulation of the panels, TABIHAUS® introduces the INDECO® FLOORING SYSTEM, which only requires a single lime mortar and significantly reduces installation times and drying times between layers.


The installation process involves fixing the insulation boards to the outside surface of the existing walls of the building. Subsequently, a layer of lime mortar is applied on top of the panels and a reinforcing mesh is placed to improve the strength of the system.

Only 45 minutes later, the second and last coat of the same mortar is applied, obtaining a total thickness of about 3-4 mm. The mortar is supplied in the desired colour.


The TABIHAUS® concept in the INDECO® system is to turn the ETICS upside down, leaving the hard part on the outside, and the insulation on the inside. This allows us to tear off from the ground, regardless of bumps or scratches. In addition, thanks to its hardness and the 3 mm layer of mortar, it avoids future damage due to cracks in the mortar if the property is to hang elements, such as air conditioning systems.

Its high resistance to fire, and its certificate of zero bacterial generation (mold, verdigris, mites, termites) make it an ideal system for façades.

-Efficient thermal insulation: The panels are supplied with the thickness of the XPS made to measure, millimetre by millimetre, until the project’s requirement in terms of insulation level is met.

-Acoustic insulation: Its acoustic refractoriness reduces sound from outside by 22 dB.

-Minimum thickness: A single coat of lime mortar is added to the external thermal insulation provided by TABIHAUS® sandwich panels manufactured to the required thickness. To apply it, only two coats are needed, with a thickness of 3-4 mm. This mortar can also be applied by hand or by spraying.

-Energy efficiency: Helps to reduce energy losses in buildings by improving their thermal insulation. This allows for lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, which in turn can lead to significant cost savings in the long term.

-Regulatory compliance: The INDECO® System complies with the regulatory requirements and standards for energy efficiency in construction, as well as the different BD of the TBC. For all these reasons, TABIHAUS® is also part of the PASSIVHAUS platform.

-Fast installation: The industrialised and sustainable INDECO® System’s industrialised and sustainable ETICS saves up to 70% of the time it takes to install any other conventional exterior thermal insulation system. The prefabricated panels can be installed efficiently, speeding up the construction process and reducing project completion times.

-Renovation and refurbishment: It is particularly useful in the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings and dwellings. By applying the system to the exterior façade, thermal insulation is improved without significantly affecting the interior space, resulting in an efficient and less disruptive upgrade.

-Strength and durability: Additional protection is provided to the walls of the building, increasing their resistance to wear, weathering, and climatic changes. This contributes to increased durability of the façade and can reduce long-term maintenance costs. The INDECO® System has a very high resistance to knocks and scratches, which is essential in the lower part of the façade.

-Aesthetic improvement: In addition to its functional benefits, it also offers aesthetic options. It does not generate damage to the mortar in the installation of downpipes, air-conditioning systems, etc. And the available coatings and finishes allow the exterior appearance of the building to be customised, adapting to different architectural styles and design preferences.

-Sustainability: INDECO®’s ETICS System contributes to sustainable construction. By improving the energy efficiency of buildings, it reduces their environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of natural resources, contributing to high energy savings and zero waste.

In conclusion, the industrialised and environmentally friendly INDECO® ETICS System presented by TABIHAUS® offers speed, ease, and sustainability when it comes to providing thermal insulation without neglecting its ecological and efficient line.

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